Micro Needle Derma Pen Facial

Micro Needle Derma Pen Facial

An advanced anti-aging treatment for plumping skin, removing pigmentation and acne scarring. The Dermapen Microneedling is a safe and simple treatment. It creates tiny micro channels to the skin which encourages the skin to go into repair mode and naturally stimulates collagen within the skin to get a plumper and more youthful looking appearance.

The benefits include:

• Helping to restore firmness and tightness
• Helps to smooth away lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet
• Improves skin texture
• Improves large pores
• Helps to reduce the appearance of indented acne scars and pits
• Helps to improve scars caused by chicken pox
• Helps to relax old scars
• Helps to fill old surgical scars
• Helps to lighten pigmentation marks
• Encourages re-pigmenting of white marks

Some redness can occur but will generally go down within 24 hours.

Microneedle Dermapen Specific Area of Concern Treatment – $90.00

Allow 15 minutes

Microneedle Dermapen Facial 1 Hour – $195.00

Allow 60 minutes