Lash Extensions 40


Classic Natural Lash Extensions 40 per eye.

Our lash extensions are attached to your natural lashes up to 40 per eye, the 40 lashes per eye are applied 1:1 lash to lash.

Rejuvena Lashes can be fully customised for each client. Natural, long and thick eyelashes, which produce glamorous looking eyes as a result.

We only use the most superior quality faux mink and silk eyelashes, not to mention NOTHING is applied on the skin, no glue or lashes on the skin and no eyelashes stuck together.

Be ready to truly experience a perfect set of lashes, furthermore they look real and natural.

At Rejuvena it is equally important that we have all the correct equipment and procedures to look after your eyes.

Lasts from 3-6 weeks.

Allow 75 minutes.