PowerStrip Pain Relief

23 Oct 2015
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Give your body the extra love it needs by making PowerStrips the daily solution to your pain-management needs. PowerStrips are a class 1 medical device uniquely designed to provide temporary relief of minor aches and pains. Featuring a fusion of modern technology and ancient energies. PowerStrip Pain Relief Usage Place a Strip on the area of your body that you are experiencing pain. You should feel some relief within an hour. A heating sensation may be experienced by some people. Leave on till it falls off. Normally this is about 2 days. You can shower with the patch on your body. Benefits. PowerStrips provide temporary relief of pains associated with.

BeautyStrips Facial Home Kit

29 Aug 2012
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The BeautyStrips Facial mask begins with a genuine base of pure, naturally-sourced kelp seaweed whose creation consists of more than 1300 hours of hand-crafted care. Alone, seaweed naturally provides the minerals and nutrients necessary to calm, smooth, nourish and hydrate your skin. Combined with another 31 natural ingredients designed to lift, tighten, reduce impurities and tone skin, the BeautyStrips mask will revolutionize your beauty regimen. Featuring the patent-pending ingredient Telagenex-5™ with cycloastragenol, the BeautyStrips System combines the latest innovations in science and nature to provide safe, effective results. As demonstrated in Nobel prize-winning research, cycloastragenol has been proven to support telomere health. Telomeres are parts of the human DNA that.